Thought Pieces on Public Discourses

The Bahá’í community of Canada collaborates with a number of people to help develop contributions to thought on issues of social concern.

The papers below represent thinking that is helping to inform the work of our community to participate in Canadian public discourses on youth and the role of religion in society. They are not position papers or official statements from the Bahá’í community, but rather a set of reflections that draw insights from the Bahá’í teachings and the experience of the community as we seek to apply them to the betterment of society.

Further thoughts or comments on these papers can be addressed to:

Advancing the Conversation on Reconciliation in Canada, March 2017

Citizenship and Inclusion, March 2017

Religion and Civic Engagement, January 2016

Youth Participation in Decision Making, October 2015

Youth, Religion and Social Change, March 2015

The Role of Religion in Society, November 2014

Youth Engagement, October 2014

Integration and Participation of Newcomer Youth in Society, September 2014

The Purpose of Youth Empowerment, August 2014