Giselle, Dieppe, New-Brunswick

Giselle works with children for the Moncton Headstart charitable organization, which serves local families who are experiencing difficulties. Its mission is to foster the creation of healthy family and social relations. A mother of three (her children are now grown), she also serves as a volunteer to support many activities aimed at strengthening the social fabric of her community. 

“For several years now, I have been holding study circles for adults in Dieppe, Elsipogtog and Moncton. These gatherings enable me to deepen my spiritual and social relationship with the other participants, and I really love it. 

“I also lead the activities of the English Corner in Moncton, where we help newcomers perfect their English. I am able to meet people coming from different continents and it gives me an opportunity to learn many things about what goes on in the world, outside of my little part of the country. The participants are very willing to share their stories and it brings us much closer.

“However, what seems to be the most important service I can render to my community is to visit people and discuss spiritual matters. I have noticed that many people of all ages are feeling isolated, mostly at the level of the heart, since in a society where people are so quick to criticize and find fault it is very difficult to trust others and to show one’s vulnerability. Through my experiences, I have seen that many people are very thirsty for sincere friendship, something that responds to our deepest aspirations.  

“The Bahá’í Faith really opened my eyes to the universal nature of my existence: we are all leaves of one branch and more and more I feel that all the inhabitants of the planet are my brothers and sisters. My faith is the centre of my life, it is my anchor in everything I do — at work, in my family or in my community. It is my faith that comforts me in moments of anguish, and that inspires me to reach higher levels of service, to follow my personal path.    

“I became a Bahá’í gradually, starting when I was a teenager. I was first attracted by the Bahá’í teachings listening to the music of Seals and Crofts, who set forth the principles of the Faith. Later, I spent some twenty years looking for a Bahá’í community. I eventually contacted the community of Moncton, after seeing a tiny ad in a local paper. Before I finished reading my first Bahá’í book, I knew in my heart that these teachings matched my vision of the world.”