Being a Bahá'í

A Bahá’í life entails striving to live in accordance with the teachings of Bahá’u’lláh. It is a constant process of advancing one’s understanding of the Bahá’í teachings and applying them in one’s own life and the life of society.

Because the oneness of humanity is the central teaching of the Bahá’í Faith, every aspect of a Bahá’í life is geared towards building and maintaining unity — in the family, neighbourhood, workplace, community, nation and world.

Contributing to the advancement of society and seeking to fulfill this purpose through selfless service to all are essential for a Bahá’í.

A life of service includes the attempt to achieve coherence between the spiritual and material aspects of life, between one’s personal affairs and work, and between one’s business and altruistic work.

This concept of serving humanity is taught from childhood. Small-scale service projects are often initiated in Bahá’í children’s classes, where participants explore ways to contribute to their family, school and community.

Many Bahá’ís volunteer to conduct programs that focus on fostering the moral and intellectual capacities of children and youth. Others are involved in community development projects. 

Other basic elements of a Bahá’í life include fellowship with the followers of all religions and beliefs — a fellowship characterized by sincerity, love and understanding and that goes far beyond tolerance. 

Participation in Bahá’í community life is an important aspect of being a Bahá’í. Individuals attend Nineteen Day Feasts, observe holy days and participate in other community events and activities.